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Do you dream of a well-deserved beach holiday with plenty of sun and relaxation? Or maybe you are more like sipping down the Alps with crunching snow under the skis? No matter where your next trip goes, you have the opportunity to borrow money for it by taking up a consumer consolidated loan.

We look at the most popular holiday destinations for the Danes and give you good advice on how to find the best consumer consolidated loan for vacation.

Compare consumer consolidated loans for the holidays

A consumer consolidated loan is a type of consolidated loan that you can use for exactly what you want. In fact, you do not even have to inform the provider about the purpose of the money. Therefore, you can freely dispose of them, and you can, for example, choose to use them on a trip to yourself or the family.

When you need to take out a consumer consolidated loan for a holiday, it is important that you compare the offers that are available on the market. We have selected a small handful of the online providers you should consider:

There are many possibilities, and you can save a lot of money by comparing them across the board. Keep in mind that you can always search completely free and non-committal, and therefore it is clearly recommended to apply with at least 2-3 different companies. This way you can compare your personal offers and choose the one that is best and cheapest for you.

Get renewed energy with a holiday

A holiday helps give you a respite in everyday life, and it can be hugely needed to get new energy and profits in an otherwise busy life. It does not necessarily have to be a longer journey, but just an extended weekend or a single week can do wonders – whether it be for yourself, with your girlfriends, or perhaps with your girlfriend or family.

Top 3 beach holiday destinations

We Danes love bathing holidays, because this means that we can come home from the windy, cool and often rainy Danish weather. You can of course take just where you want as long as there is beach or pool as well as many sunshine hours, but here you still get three sharp suggestions for beach holidays:

  • Thailand : The exotic destination is hugely popular with Danes, and it is not without reason. Kridhvid sandy beaches combined with lots of cultural experiences, wonderful food and a great local people – what more could you want?
  • Canary Islands : The Spanish Islands are a sure winner if you don’t want to go that far. They are beautiful both summer and winter because of the high temperatures, and then there are some really lovely resorts around the islands.
  • Turkey : Several of the Turkish destinations, such as Alanya and Side, are a popular choice when we Danes are going down and enjoying the sun and warmth. The trips are cheap and you will not be bored if you want to do anything other than lazing on the beach.

Top 3 ski holiday destinations

In the completely different ballad we have the ski holidays, and here we of course also have some favorite destinations. The ski areas that absolutely top the lists are:

  • Kvitfjell in Norway – especially a safe winner when the family travels together.
  • Anton in Austria – for the experienced, adrenaline-loving skier who seeks new challenges.
  • Val d’Isere in France – for the cruise diver, the group of friends or anyone who wants fantastic skiing conditions.

Top 3 destinations on football trip

Are you going with the friends on a football trip and do you dream of seeing some of the world’s best teams in action? Then one of these three places can be recommended:

  • Manchester (Manchester United) : Come in and experience the very special atmosphere with the many English fans and see some of the world’s greatest stars.
  • Madrid (Real Madrid) : Visit the impressive stadium and watch the Spanish magic live alive while enjoying the lovely Spanish capital.
  • Barcelona (FC Barcelona) : If you are more over in the other camp, then the prestigious Spanish top team can impress you in beautiful Barcelona.

Top 3 destinations on golf trip

We Danes love to play golf, and we like to go on a trip just to cultivate the sport in lovely surroundings and comfortable temperatures. If you want a golf vacation, consider visiting:

  • Costa del Sol, Spain
  • Sicily, Italy
  • Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

We hope you can use our suggestions for inspiration, so you have chosen the right holiday destination for your needs.