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Consolidated loans with RKI are close to impossible to make, both online and in the bank. You can apply to the providers online, but everywhere you need to confirm that you are not in the RKI register. And if you try to circumvent their requirements for applicants, you will always be credited as a customer.

The companies will always make a credit rating for you, regardless of whether you are looking for consolidated loans of 5000 or 35000 kroner. The money amount makes no difference in this context, since RKI is “forbidden” by all providers.

Can you make consolidated loans despite RKI?

The answer is NO and we will give you the reason why, in the next paragraphs. It can be difficult to understand if one does not understand the general context of the financial world. Here the essence is that risk and return must match each other before it is a good investment.

This applies regardless of whether banks must provide you with a consumer loan, or if you choose to invest in shares as an individual. The risk you incur to lose your investment (the money) must be offset by a similarly high return.

When you are in the RKI, you have already shown that you are not able to meet your obligations. You are still indebted to why one or more creditors have the money for you. This relationship gives the lenders a very uncertain and risky entrance to having to borrow money.

This means that the companies do not want these bad payers, as this is partly an uncertain business and partly because RKI-Danes should not indebted themselves further.

For the sake of your personal finances

One other factor that is worth mentioning is because of your personal finances. For even though the country’s banks take more account of your personal finances and the reasonableness of your loans, online providers also have a responsibility. It will be irresponsible of them to borrow you 10, 20, 35,000 kroner when you are clearly in financial disability already. It will tend to the immoral.

So your fragile financial situation is another reason why consolidated loans are not possible despite RKI . In other words, it will not be the right solution for you, regardless of the situation you are in. However, you should work to get out of the register again.

There are many guides and portals on the web that can give you an insight into how you best get out of Ribers. But let’s fix the following:

“The only way out of the RKI is to pay your creditors – or wait patiently for 5 years.”